About us

Saree Parry is an award-winning interior home decorator who takes great pride in designing spaces that are sophisticated, multifunctional, and upscale.

Saree works closely with clients to understand their style, and create a design plan that speaks to their unique desires and needs. Specializing in living room, great room, master bedroom, home office, and powder rooms, Saree Parry and her team deliver a personalized stress-free and superior experience for overwhelmed homeowners.

What clients appreciate most about Saree is her keen eye for colour and texture, and her ability to create intuitive designs that match their needs. Saree is an ideal designer for those with an appreciation for thoughtful design and quality, but with limited time to spend on managing the process.

Saree Parry Design has partnered with Decorating Den Interiors, an industry-leading company with 50 years of expertise in high-end design, to provide her clients with an unmatched network of local craftsmen and international vendors. The company has built trusted relationships with top quality manufacturers to create rooms of great sophistication and durable quality. Saree regularly tours showrooms and attends High Point Market to find the best quality selections for each room design.


Start with a complimentary design consultation

Design planning is a collaborative process during which you’ll discuss your lifestyle and taste, design goals you’d like to accomplish, and what’s most important for each space.

After the consultation you’ll receive a design concept complete with furniture and decor recommendations for each room you’re decorating. Saree Parry Design will then order and oversee the installation of every decorating element in your design. The process is seamless, enjoyable, and stress-free.

Find out how easily you can transform the spaces you use into rooms you love. Contact us now at 613-841-3326 to reserve your complimentary consultation.