About Saree Redesign

Designing a room is about creating a space that authentically expresses who you are – your personality, lifestyle, and taste should shine through. This often involves new furnishings, flooring, lighting, window treatments and paint colours, as well as a new floorplan. However, if you want to keep a favourite piece of furniture, by all means we’ll do our best to incorporate it into you new room design.

About Saree

Saree Parry, one of Ottawa’s foremost decorating professionals, is known for her extensive design expertise, extraordinary customer service and special blend of originality, fun, and artistic instincts.

Her affiliation with the world’s largest and longest-established decorating franchise organization enables her to provide Clients with a full range of upholstery and case goods, fabrics, window treatments, wall and bed coverings, lighting, and accessories. Saree shares her industry knowledge by writing articles for a local home publication and hones her expertise by regularly attending industry conferences at High Point, North Carolina, and Toronto.

Practical, stylish, and passionate about colour, and you can expect the same from her as your designer. Saree’s understanding of her Clients’ personal styles and specific needs enables her to create layered designs full of richness, and that reflect the individuality of her Clients.

“The constant happiness is curiosity.”
Alice Munro

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More about Saree

Raised in Ottawa, Saree’s creative inspiration combines influences from her connection to nature, travels to Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Europe, and her South Asian and Jamaican heritage. She credits her mother with instilling in her a love of adventure; a source of energy she uses to bring harmony to her Clients’ homes.

Saree’s passion for the niche world of complex custom window treatments has been recognized by the awarding of the internationally-recognized accreditation as a Certified Window Treatment Specialist. The Window Treatment Specialist certification was created to recognize design professionals who are committed to professional development and to the belief that this is a powerful element of interior design.

Local at heart

Holding an MBA from the University of Western Ontario, Saree is familiar with rigorous professional standards, and applies high levels of discipline to every aspect of her projects from start to finish. There’s nothing she enjoys more than the heartfelt moments when her Clients see their newly designed rooms for the first time. Each reveal confirms that her decision to transition careers in 2013 (and share her gift for harmonious and beautiful designs) was the right one.

Design Services

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