Our Design Process

Six Simple Steps


Embark on the first step of your decorating journey with our in-home interior design consultation. Building on the insights from our discovery call, we delve into the details of your vision. We explore the challenges you’ve faced, discuss the desired look and feel for your home, and collaboratively establish a realistic budget to accomplish your goals.

The latter part of the consultation focuses on finalizing the Service Agreement. Simultaneously, we meticulously take measurements and photographs of the relevant rooms and furnishings, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your space.


Following the in-home consultation, your next milestone is the delivery of your Concept Statement. Our aim is to ensure a precise interpretation of your ideas and vision. Once approved, we seamlessly transition to the planning phase—strategizing spatial arrangements, coordinating colours, and sourcing furnishings to bring your envisioned space to life.


Immerse yourself in the excitement as we unfold your custom design during our Design Presentation. Witness the floorplan, elevations, and 3D images that bring your vision to life. We explain how each design element encapsulates your ideas, style, and the desired look and feel of your space. If the presentation leaves you absolutely thrilled, we seamlessly move forward to take your order, ensuring the transformation of your vision into reality.


Your role is complete, and we take the reins for the Ordering & Receiving phase. We place your order with trusted suppliers, meticulously track shipments, and ensure the quality meets our high standards. Anticipate a waiting period of three to six months. Rest assured, we keep you in the loop with weekly updates on the status of your order, ensuring transparency and peace of mind throughout the process.


Congratulations, you’ve reached the pinnacle of your design journey – The Reveal Day! With the final payment made, we’re set to bring your vision to life during the installation at your home. Get ready to witness the transformation unfold right before your eyes!


As the big Reveal Day unfolds, it’s time for you to sit back, savour your rejuvenated space, and relish the lasting sense of pride every time you walk in. The transformation is complete, leaving you with a fresh new environment designed to endure for years to come.

Family Room

This is where many of us spend most of our time. It may be off the kitchen, in the basement or even on the second-floor landing. Wherever the location, it’s where most of your living takes place.

It’s typically where the TV resides and as TV screens get bigger, they become more of a challenge to successfully incorporate into a room design.

The best designed family rooms balance scale, proportion, lighting, and durability of all the furnishings in the room. At Saree Parry Design, we can create the perfectly balanced room design for your lifestyle and taste.

Yellow and red bedroom


This is where you turn in for the night and wake up to begin a new day. As a sanctuary, the bedroom settles us down for a restful night’s sleep, and it’s where our senses awaken as we emerge from slumber.

The colour palette, fabrics, furniture, as well as the lighting and window treatments all combine to create the perfect sanctuary.

Saree Parry applies her talent, knowledge, and experience to design the perfect space for your unique needs.


Powder Room

The smaller dimensions of this space bellies the enormity of the wow effect that it can make when given the right attention. It is also one of the most challenging spaces to decorate because of its size.

The right design may seem counter-intuitive. This is where a professional designer will maximize your end result.

At Saree Parry Design we will listen to your vision for your room, to create the statement you’re after, while ensuring that it fits into the rest of your home’s décor.

Design Services

If your space requires architectural changes to achieve a fresh, updated look, we do that too. We work with trusted tradespeople and professionals to create new floorplans for you. The first step starts with a discussion of your likes and dislikes for the space, your functional needs, taste, timeline and budget.