About Saree

Saree Parry has always been a visual person with a natural talent for design. Growing up in a family full of creatives —  her uncle graduated with a BFA, and her maternal grandmother both designed and made her own clothes — Saree believes the design gene was passed down to her. 

While Saree’s heart was always set on a career in design, she initially pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree at McGill. After then earning her MBA from Western, she embarked on a successful business career, working for a private hedge fund in Toronto. However, her passion for design never waned, and in 2013, she seized the opportunity to combine her business acumen with her creative talent and passion by owning and operating her own Decorating Den Interiors franchise. This transition not only showcased her versatility but also her unwavering commitment to her true calling.

For over a decade, Saree has designed spaces for clients, focusing on what makes them happy. She has experience working in various styles, from farmhouse chic to monochromatic minimalism, bold maximalism, and everything in between. Aside from her extraordinary designs, clients are attracted to Saree’s easy-going nature. 

Her design motto, “It’s personal!” is evident in her work. Saree listens carefully to her clients’ unique stories and needs and uses design to interpret their vision. She aims to create a soothing environment and help clients feel proud and confident of their homes. 

Today, Saree lives in Orléans. When she’s not working, Saree enjoys traveling, surfing, and learning more about Earth-healing practices. She believes that when you are curious about a subject, you come up with creative ways to address challenging issues, whether they’re big and heady or small yet significant.




Ottawa, ON Interior Decorator