Blonde Walnut Live Edge

As an interior decorator, I get early access to all things new in the industry, which means I can create awesome designs for my clients who want to be avant-garde. New concepts constantly arrive in my in-box. There’s no telling what creative idea will pop up next, and I’m grateful for that thrill. The LIVV Home Collection’s Blonde Walnut Live Edge Table Top is a new addition that left me floored.


I love the grain buckle on this crotch cut surface of this hardwood species. This is an elegant twist on the natural coloured, rustic, live edge table tops we’re used to. I see blonde live edge surfaces used in all kinds of design styles. Adding warmth to a minimalist interior, being the star of a colourful and vibrant room, or being an elegant counterpoint to traditional transitional design.

This new introduction gives me a lot of creative freedom, something I’m known for and my clients love. One way is by the base used to support it. Think of it floating on acrylic legs, placed atop chrome, satin nickel, or black metal legs, or legs coated in lacquered pink finishes or any other colour, for that matter.

With varying lengths and widths, this blonde live edge can be used as a dining table, desk, or console. There’s even a waterfall desk version!

From an environmental perspective, it addresses several eco-conscious issues. Blonde live edge tops are crafted from sustainably sourced American Walnut, bleached in an environmentally friendly manner, and hand-wiped to bring out each slab’s unique character. A modified conversion varnish enhances the wood’s shine and protection.

This American Walnut blonde live edge surface has enduring style. Its refined and elegant aesthetic can elevate any space. To get the most out of this piece’s design potential, I highly recommend working with an interior decorator. If you’ve got the right guidance and attention to detail, blonde live edge surfaces can create a stunning design you’ll love for years.