The Story Behind the Quilt Valet

My role as a decorator is all about finding the most effective way to combine function and style. Last year, I was approached by a client in her late 60’s who had developed a new passion for quilting; she had become so passionate about quilting that her new hobby took over her entire kitchen and living room. Besides wanting to have her kitchen back, she wanted an inviting space to entertain guests, watch TV, and quilt (of course). Her dream room would be a dual-purpose space that could serve both her hobbies and everyday needs.

Finding enough surface space to spread out her fabric while sewing was one of her biggest challenges. She’d been using an ironing board, but it wasn’t stable and wasn’t easy to move either. She needed a unique solution that would provide her with the space she needed and be stylish, too.

After consulting with hardware and manufacturing suppliers, I came up with an ideal solution: the Quilt Valet. Instead of relying on a tabletop or horizontal surface to create space, this mobile apparatus uses height. It’s on wheels, so my client can use it sitting down while watching TV or roll it to her sewing table when she needs it to machine stitch.

Besides being functional, the Quilt Valet was stylish, with a pretty finish and a base that my client customized with glass beads. In my role as a decorator, I was responsible for crafting a solution that would mesh seamlessly with my clients’ living room décor and lifestyle. My friend and Ottawa interior designer, Yvonne Potter, came up with the name.

Now my client has two Quilt Valets! Seeing my design come to life and helping my client enjoy her passions without sacrificing her home was rewarding to me as a decorator.

Having helped my client enjoy her living room in a whole new way, I’m thrilled with how well it was received. Feel free to contact me if you need a creative space saving solution for your craft room. I’d love to hear from you!