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Your walls are the foundation of your home. While you typically decorate them with art, shelves, and mirrors, you can elevate their appearance even more with a wall treatment. These treatments instantly add flair and personality to your home. Additionally, certain wall treatments can mask or disguise walls that might have staining, bumps, and lumps, or other imperfections. At Saree Parry Design, we work with many different types of wall treatments and can help you select one that meets your style. 

Wall Treatments We Work With

  • Wainscoting — This wood or fiberboard wall covering is meant for use in the home interior, starting at the floor and typically going three to four feet up. Initially, homeowners used it to protect their house from moisture issues, but now it’s a highly sought-after aesthetic. Wainscoting works best in homes decorated in the farmhouse style, but you can also incorporate it into various other styles.
  • Fabric treatments — Using fabric on your walls can instantly transform your home into a unique space. You can apply ordinary textile fabric, like linen, silk, or grasscloth, to your walls in the colour or pattern of your choice. 
  • Wallpaper — Wallpaper is one of the most durable wall coverings, which also makes it one of the most cost-effective. When installed properly, wallpaper can last three times longer than paint (up to 15 years!). Like wainscoting, wallpaper can easily mask any imperfections your walls may have. Plus, it’s an easy way to add personality to a space. 
  • Trim and casings — Adding trim to your walls or entryways can help create dimension in a room. From baseboards to chair rails and crown molding, the options for wall trim are virtually endless and can instantly amplify the feel of elegance in any room. 
  • Paneling — This wall covering comes with the most versatile options in material choice, making paneling flexible and suitable for just about any home decor style. Like wainscoting and wallpaper, paneling can help disguise imperfections or cover up damage paint would otherwise show. 
  • Built-ins — Built-ins are a great way to add storage to a room that doesn’t have closets or other storage areas. When installed properly, they can not only make your home more functional but also increase its value.
  • Murals — Murals are one of the most unique wall treatments a homeowner can include in their home decor. They’re eye-catching and can make a statement in any space, allowing your personality to shine through your decorating style. 
  • Paint — Of course, paint is a wall treatment, but it’ll never be just paint. Choosing the right colour is one thing, but you can enhance paint by combining it with any of the wall treatments mentioned above. In other words, paint is just the beginning! 
  • Acoustic tiles – Acoustic tiles are 3D wall panels that come in a wide range of colours, shapes, and dimensions that help remove residual sound from any space their installed in.

Choosing the Right Wall Treatment for Your Home

Since there are various wall treatments, it can be challenging to decide which ones you want to incorporate into your home and where. Our team at Saree Parry Design has the expertise and knowledge to make wall treatment recommendations for you and ensure they’re executed to perfection. 

Do you need help choosing a wall treatment for your home? Give us a call at (613) 841-3326 or contact us today, and we’ll be in touch!

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