Modern Sophistication: Crafting Luxury in Senior Living

In transitioning from rural living in Prince Edward County to a glamorous seniors’ residence in suburban Ottawa, our client sough a sophisticated, contemporary haven. The resulting harmonious space, featuring a digital baby grand piano, became a showcase of opulence within the seniors’ residence, symbolizing a vibrant couple embracing a new chapter of modern luxury.

Location: Barrhaven, Canada

Designer Credits: Saree Parry

Project Overview:

Nestled in a suburb of Ottawa, a dynamic retiree couple sought a complete departure from their tranquil rural living in Prince Edward County as they embraced a glamorous change in lifestyle in the big city. Their new residence, a sprawling two-bedroom and den condo-style unit in a luxury seniors’ residence, provided the canvas for a design journey that veered away from their rural roots, opting instead for a glamorous and contemporary style inspired by the design and decor of their new living environment.

Our client, known for their love of boating, rural life, and the outdoors, chose to part with a significant portion of their cherished art collection as they made this move. The challenge was to infuse their new living space with the sophistication and charm that defined their personal tastes, transcending the context of their art collection.

Inspired by the modern decor of the residence’s common areas, we undertook a transformation that harmonized our client’s love for the outdoors with the sleek elegance of contemporary living. With an abundance of windows flooding the space with natural light, the design aimed to create an open and airy ambiance that maximized the visual connection with the surrounding cityscape.

A refined colour palette of blues,  greys, and opulent golds formed the foundation for a cohesive and stylish design. Glass surfaces were strategically incorporated to enhance the sense of space and add a touch of glamour. Luxurious wallpaper with gold detailing, provided depth and texture to the living area.

In the open-concept space adjacent to the kitchen, three distinct activity zones were established, catering to different aspects of our client’s lifestyle. A cozy reading nook and TV area, bathed in natural light, seamlessly integrated functionality with aesthetic appeal. The belle of the ball, a digital baby grand piano, became the focal point of elegance, aligning seamlessly with the clients’ desire for a modern yet refined atmosphere.

The outcome was a harmonious blend of modern sophistication and personalized luxury. The transformed living unit not only resonated with our client’s taste but also became a showcase of opulence within the seniors’ residence. Frequently featured in tours for prospective residents, the space stands as a testament to the seamless integration of lifestyle, personal tastes, and modern design in the realm of luxury senior living.

Modern Sophistication: Crafting Luxury in Senior Living