Designing Warmth: A Cozy Haven in an Ottawa New-Build

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Designer Credits: Saree Parry

Project Overview:

For this project, we worked for a client who had relocated to Ottawa. Tasked with creating an elegant yet inviting living room for entertaining, we seamlessly integrated existing furniture and drew inspiration from the home’s architectural elements. We incorporated dark wood tones, bold patterns, and vivid colours to infuse warmth into the space.


Designing Warmth: A Cozy Haven in an Ottawa New-Build

We had the pleasure of working with a client who recently settled in Ottawa and wanted to turn their newly built house into a comfortable home. From the first contact, we joined the husband and wife on a journey to craft a living room that radiated elegance while keeping a welcoming atmosphere for entertaining guests. Our client welcomed the idea of incorporating existing furniture, allowing us to blend familiarity with a fresh design perspective.

Inspired by the home’s distinctive architectural elements – from the striking gray hardwood flooring to the lofty ceilings and built-in shelving with grey-veined quartz fireplace surrounds – we set out to seamlessly weave these features into a narrative of warmth and sophistication. To meet our client’s preference for dark wood tones, we skillfully integrated them alongside bold patterns and vibrant colours.

The jewel-toned area rug, adorned with geometric patterns, became the focal point, perfectly complementing our client’s white and mustard upholstered armchairs. Adding a pop of colour, blue tufted stools reflected the client’s love for this hue. Nature-inspired artwork and accessories were carefully chosen to infuse the living room with a comforting and welcoming atmosphere.

The built-in shelves provided a canvas for our unique touch, featuring noteworthy framed giclées at the front of both shelves, adding a playful element to the overall design. At Saree Parry Design, we cherish the opportunity to infuse uniqueness into our projects, and we were delighted that our client embraced our distinctive approach.

By strategically incorporating bold patterns and vibrant colours, we transformed this new-build house into a warm and inviting home that resonates with our client’s preferences. The living room now stands as a testament to our commitment to creating spaces that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.

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