A Luxurious Contemporary-Transitional Fusion

In this project, our aim was to redesign our clients’ family room—a space lacking in both luxury and coziness and failing to reflect their refined tastes. The result is a transformed family room—a luxurious and elegant space that exudes both comfort and style, offering a haven enriched by carefully chosen textures, ideal for unwinding at the close of each day.

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Designer Credits: Saree Parry

Project Overview:

A Luxurious Contemporary-Transitional Fusion

We set out to transform our clients’ lackluster family room into a sophisticated haven that reflects our clients’ discerning tastes. With a shared vision for an aquatic theme within a neutral palette, yet divergent preferences—one for contemporary and the other for transitional design—we seamlessly integrated these elements. To achieve the desired aqua theme, we utilized patterns and natural textures in the design of the custom area rug, wall decor, and accessories, thereby adding warmth to the white and gray color scheme.

Careful attention was dedicated to the room’s functionality, with ample surfaces for drinks and other items, and the use of performance fabrics for all seating. Storage solutions included a three-door media console and hinged-top storage ottoman, complemented by a custom-designed, locally handcrafted walnut serving tray for an elegant touch.

Preserving the room’s bay window sightline, we opted for low-backed seating, creating a warm and inviting conversation area. In consideration of the room’s southern exposure, light-filtering sheer blinds were installed to maximize the natural light.

The result is a stunning and inviting space that seamlessly blends contemporary and transitional design elements, encapsulating the clients’ unique taste for an aquatic theme. Post-redesign, our clients’ family room exudes both luxury and comfort, epitomizing a balance of style and functionality. Thrilled with the outcome, our clients expressed their satisfaction, and we take pride in having surpassed their expectations.

At our core, we take pride in our ability to attentively listen to our clients’ needs and translate them into spaces that not only reflect their style but also fulfill practical requirements. If you aspire to transform your home into a luxurious and elegant space that mirrors your unique taste, we’d be delighted to explore your vision. Initiate the process by scheduling a phone consultation today.



Photography by Jordann Brown Imaging