From Tanzania to Ottawa: A Condo Transformed

It was time to enhance our client’s beautiful condo, a sanctuary she moved into during COVID. Due to lockdown restrictions, she couldn’t enlist help for decorating. Keeping the breathtaking 14th-floor view in mind, we crafted a space blending texture and comfort to preserve the splendour of her panoramic vista.

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Designer Credits: Saree Parry

Project Overview:

Our client’s profound connection to Tanzania, a place she once called home, adds a deeply personal layer to the design narrative. Tanzania isn’t merely a source of inspiration; it’s a cherished part of her history, intertwining with the memories of her family. The canvas depicting Tanzania’s ocean shoreline, proudly displayed in her dining area, serves as both a visual focal point and a tribute to the country that holds a special place in her heart.

As we embarked on transforming her condo, the goal was not only to create a visually stunning space but also to encapsulate the essence of Tanzania in every corner. Drawing from her experiences and preferences, we carefully curated a colour scheme that mirrors the vibrant hues and patterns characteristic of the region. The warm wood tones, influenced by her fondness for the country, seamlessly blend with the panoramic views that stretch across the Ottawa River, downtown, east Ottawa, and the southwest corner of the city.

Beyond aesthetics, our design journey also navigated practical challenges, considering factors like limited light after sunset, constrained wall space, and adherence to condo regulations. The imposing concrete column in the living room became an opportunity rather than an obstacle, as we chose a cork wallpaper with gold flecks to soften its presence, integrating it as a complementary piece within the overall design.

Window treatments, carefully selected to maximize the breathtaking views, became a canvas of their own. Sheers with subtle patterns, anchored by hand-forged hardware, not only conform to condo bylaws but also serve as elegant frames for the ever-changing vistas—Ottawa’s skyline, the Gatineau hills, and the majestic Ottawa River.

The revitalized space now stands as a testament to the client’s journey, reflecting her personal connection to Tanzania and the warmth of her memories. It’s a haven that seamlessly blends comfort and elegance, ensuring that every moment spent within its walls is a tribute to the extraordinary place that continues to hold significance in her life. Our client, overjoyed with the transformation, now enjoys a home that not only captures the spirit of Tanzania but also echoes the unique story of her own life.

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Photography by JVL Photography

From Tanzania to Ottawa: A Condo Transformed