Basement Bliss: Cozy Elegance Revealed

In mid-summer, our forward-thinking client, anticipating Ottawa’s harsh winter, sought a basement makeover. Their cluttered, neglected space, primarily used for personal relaxation, required a transformation. With a focus on comfort and tranquility, we delivered the ideal retreat from the impending cold and damp winter months.

Location: Old Ottawa South, Canada

Designer Credits: Saree Parry

Project Overview:

Our client enlisted our expertise to transform their basement living room into a personal oasis dedicated to relaxation. Tailoring our approach to their specific needs, our primary focus was on crafting the ultimate space of comfort and tranquility. Addressing their storage concerns, we provided functional and design-led solutions to organize household paperwork, bulky Christmas decorations, and miscellaneous items, seamlessly integrating a small workspace.

Working with existing design elements—a custom entertainment console, built-in bookshelves, a boldly coloured support post resembling a Doric column, a reach-in closet, a large recessed window, downward ceiling lighting, and a tray ceiling—we implemented a comprehensive design. The new layout featured two motorized reclining chairs, beverage tables, a built-in armoire and chest of drawers, additional lighting, a soft woolen area rug and runner, a pet-proof stair runner, refreshed wall colour, support column, and stairwell handle, along with new doors for the reach-in closet. The metal railing along the stairs received a rejuvenating powder coating finish.

To enhance functionality, we incorporated a table on wheels that can be easily moved in front of the recliner. This portable table serves as a writing surface for the husband, offering the perfect height for comfortable writing or using a laptop while seated in the recliner.

The renewed space now bathes our client in a warm and inviting ambiance throughout the year. Deep yellow walls, African-inspired motifs, rich dark wood, deep blues, and complementary black accents create a transformative atmosphere for their basement retreat. Delighted with the outcome, our client couldn’t be happier with the revitalized space.

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Photography by JVL Photography


Basement Bliss: Cozy Elegance Revealed