3 Essential Steps to Creating an Outdoor Living Space in Time For Victoria Day Weekend

The winter has finally receded, spring has sprung, and a hint of summer is just around the corner. Victoria Day Weekend is officially the unofficial start to the summer season; a perfect time for BBQing and outside lounging. If your outside patio, deck, or yard isn’t quite lounge-ready, here are a few sure-fire tips to begin preparations and get your space in shape before May 21st!

Plan Your Space

Every great space starts with a plan of action. Think about how you’ll be spending time outdoors, what you want to use the space for, and who you’ll be sharing it with. Do you need a charming, cozy spot for two where you can sip tea and peacefully read a book? Or do you imagine a sprawling oasis where you can entertain your extended family and friends over drinks and several courses? You can probably tell that these scenarios will make for two very different spaces.

Divide and Conquer

You may be thinking I want to use my outdoor space for all kinds of things. Don’t worry! You can create mini spaces or section out zones throughout your outdoor space specific to each activity type. Tired of schlepping food in and out of the house? Create a grill station or outdoor kitchen. Like the family to gather altogether? Plan out a large dining space to accommodate the entire group. Prefer your gatherings to feel more casual? Swap a single dining space for clusters of tables and chairs where smaller groups can mix and mingle. Use these zones to create a variety of social spaces for every occasion you have in mind.

Let Nature Lead the Design

There’s one more step before jumping into choosing a color palette, selecting materials, and picking out furniture. A major draw of outdoor living is to spend more time in nature, right? Creating an outdoor space that meets your goals is how you achieve this. So, consider what nature is offering you. Will your sunlight be soft and subtle or will you need an umbrella or awning to calm its powerful rays? Do you already have a zen or lush garden or will you need to incorporate landscaping? Use nature’s greenery, lighting, and natural beauty as a starting point to begin your design and achieve your outdoor living goals.


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