Shift Your Design Scheme to Accommodate the New Normal

While many of us grew up doing our homework around the kitchen table, in today’s world of video meetings and online classes, that scene is no longer very practical – No one wants the microwave going off during the investors’ meeting. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has become the new reality for many Ottawans, and now is the perfect time to embrace that new normal and transition your temporary home workspace into a purposeful home office that makes you excited for your morning commute down the hall.

But where to start? A separate room with a door can help preserve work-life balance in the time of COVID-19. If your work requires that you maintain confidentiality, you may want to take some additional sound-proofing measures such as noise-cancelling wallpaper, wall-to-wall carpeting or sound-proof insulation. If a separate room isn’t for you, furniture such as double-sided bookcases or a screen can be used as room dividers to create two distinct spaces. There are many types of screens available, so I recommend choosing a stylish screen made of cork, upholstered fabric, or leather for a beautiful solution to noise management.

If being in your office makes you feel stifled or stuck, it might not just be a funk caused by the latest lockdown; but rather how your office and the furniture are arranged. Even the most modern office equipment can look bulky and drab, but there are creative solutions available – a quality desk with a drawer tray to hide your printer and built-in features to hide cords, for instance. Avoid having your desk positioned facing a wall, as it both figuratively and literally blocks your energy and will decrease your productivity. Having your desk facing the door with a window behind you is ideal as the window will help light your workspace, and the right window treatment will help reduce eyestrain and computer screen glare.

Speaking of lighting, I always recommend adding layers of light to any existing natural light. Layers of light are sources of light at different levels in a space. Singular lighting from the ceiling creates an intimidating vibe, whereas having light sources from the ceiling, at eye level and at sitting eye level add warmth to the room to make it more inviting.

Maybe the idea of choosing office furnishings that are custom-sized for you and reflect your sense of style excites you, but if you find yourself feeling intimidated by the idea of creating a home office design, you are not alone. While you can’t really go wrong with a boldly coloured office chair with good back support, a full-service decorator will be able to help you address your specific decorating challenges as well as handle all the procurement and installation to bring life to your beautiful design. Book a complimentary appointment with Saree Parry Design and let’s take back your home together. Contact us today.

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