Elevating Comfort: A Journey into Hygge-inspired Design with Saree Parry

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Since 2013, Saree Parry Design has been committed to lifestyle decorating, with a primary focus on elevating well-being within living spaces in the Greater Ottawa Area. More recently, the Danish concept of “hygge” (pronounced hyoo-guh) has garnered attention in the realm of interior decorating and design as a means to cultivate contentment and overall well-being.

In a world where homes serve as crucial sanctuaries for our comfort and happiness, the concept of hygge resonates profoundly. While each person’s lifestyle may give rise to a distinctive interpretation of hygge, certain universal themes can seamlessly find a place in everyone’s living space.

Begin by prioritizing your comfort. Reflect on the elements that evoke a sense of ease for you. Are you drawn to the indulgence of soft textures, the opulence of lounging on a plush sofa, or the calming effect of neutral colours and earthy tones? Delve into considerations about what lies beneath your feet and how throw pillows can enhance your overall comfort. When faced with chilly weather, do you turn to a soft throw, an heirloom afghan, or perhaps an enduring quilt for warmth? And let’s not forget to carve out a snug corner for your furry companion to bask in coziness as well.

Let’s delve into the realm of lighting. How can you effectively illuminate your home to craft the ideal ambiance? Is it the gentle warmth of candles, the captivating dance of a flickering fire, or the convenience afforded by a dimmer switch that imparts a sense of coziness and welcome for you? Additionally, consider the subtle influence of fragrances to further elevate the overall mood.

Establishing a connection with nature can offer a profound sense of comfort. Have you ever pondered the impact of lush greenery and plants on both your living space and mood? Whether they gracefully dangle from the ceiling or elegantly adorn your shelves, contemplate the idea of integrating plants into your environment. Furthermore, consider embellishing your walls with art that captures the essence of nature, fostering a serene ambiance and a heightened connection to the outdoors. Don’t forget to incorporate wood into your design scheme; it introduces a comforting warmth, seamlessly complementing even the most contemporary of rooms.

Hygge can also be applied to outdoor spaces. Whether you’re entertaining outside or have a hot mug of cocoa, make your deck or patio a cozy place by adding elements of fire, wood, lighting, or textures.

Window treatments are another mood-setting design element.  The pair of banded shades in a glittering neutral fabric grace the windows but are also functional to provide a dimmed-to-light filtering to fully exposed glass effect. A restful teal velvet fabric with a subtle pattern peacefully frames the window.

Incorporating these elements into your home’s design will help you achieve a hygge-inspired interior that’s tailored to your unique tastes and needs. In the end, it’s all about creating a space where you can truly relax and find contentment, because your home should be your sanctuary. Is the allure of hygge design captivating to you? Take it a step further by seamlessly incorporating it into your lifestyle.

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