Window Couture: The Designer’s Essential Finishing Touch

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When it comes to investing in new window coverings for your home, the importance of consulting with an interior decorator cannot be overstated. Most interior decorators are well-versed in window fashions, knowing the important role they play in a room’s design. As such, hiring an interior decorator for your window covering needs is a wise investment.

The Final Touch

Like jewellery, window treatments complete a room. Choosing the right window coverings is just as important as picking the right accessories for an outfit. Decorators understand that window coverings give a room its finishing touch and are crucial to its design.

Beyond Blinds and Shades

While blinds or shades fulfill a practical role in covering windows, designers surpass functionality, crafting truly spectacular spaces. Elevate your interior by layering soft window treatments, introducing depth, texture, and luxury to any room.

Choose the Right Fabric

When it comes to window coverings, fabric choice is crucial. When crafting meticulously designed window treatments, an experienced interior decorator carefully chooses textiles that achieve both aesthetic and functional goals.

The process of making window treatments requires ironing, which damages Chenille.

This upholstery fabric cannot be pleated, and it’s heavy to hang.

Crafting an elegant and cohesive aesthetic involves choosing the right fabric, often leaning towards textiles with a soft drape. Avoid upholstery fabrics and budget materials, as they may lack the desired softness and can lead to unintended consequences.

The Seamstress Connection

When selecting a designer, evaluating her connection with the seamstress or workroom is crucial. A reputable interior decorator collaborates closely with the craftspeople who bring her window vision to life. Seamstresses, experts in textile dynamics, offer invaluable insights. While a good designer can choose suitable fabrics, a true professional consistently consults her workroom, ensuring the chosen textiles align with the design vision and meet practical window treatment requirements. The synergy between interior decorators and seamstresses transforms concepts into beautifully executed products.

Money well-spent is priceless

Investing in exquisite window coverings comes at a premium much like fine jewellery, and its value is undeniable. Your spending becomes a more informed investment when you have the insight of an expert interior decorator. Beyond mere aesthetics and functionality, your window coverings will profoundly influence the entire mood of a room, making every penny worth it.

Interiors transformed

Since 2013, Saree Parry, the creative force behind Saree Parry Design, has been transforming interiors in the Greater Ottawa Area. She brings a unique perspective to her work as a certified window treatment specialist trained by international renowned Deb Barrett. Explore Saree’s portfolio to see how her window coverings can enhance your home.

Saree Parry’s expertise will transform your space into a well-curated masterpiece, a sanctuary to welcome you home at the end of the day. If you’re considering window coverings, think beyond the utilitarian and work with Saree, who treats each window treatment as a piece of art.

Are you ready to transform your space with exquisite window treatments? Schedule a complimentary consultation with Saree Parry today.

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