How To Warm Up Your Industrial Space

The industrial aesthetic is all about stripping down to the bare essentials. Much of the quintessential style is inspired by abandoned warehouses and old factories, which is why you’ll see raw materials ranging from exposed bricks and pipes to concrete flooring and surfaces. More often than not, the space is decorated in a neutral color palette favoring the spectrum of grey as well as stark metallic finishes.

This style rose to popularity at the turn of this last century in urban lofts and commercial locations, but the industrial style is still evolving. It’s been adopted by minimalists and modernists who enjoy large open spaces full of light and devoid of clutter. This evolution is all about softening those stark elements and making your industrial space welcoming and inviting, as a home should be.

Here are 7 quick tips on how to add warmth, and make your industrial space feel cozy and downright homey.

1. Add Greenery

This is the first on our list, because it’s the absolute easiest way to start. Bringing in potted plants, vines, and flowers will add life and comfort to an otherwise seemingly-cold space. If you’re strategic with your plant placement, you can also reduce noise and echo, which is ideal in large, open rooms and high-ceiling lofts.

2. Change Your Color Palette

The grey colour palette does very little to make an industrial space pop. So, change it up! Incorporate deep, rich tones in everything from your walls to your furniture selection. Don’t stop at big-ticket items, though. You can warm up those stark metallics with some copper and gold finishes on your fixtures and handles.

3. Go Old School with Antiques

Since industrial design is reminiscent of the industrial age, we often focus strictly on what is modern and contemporary in our decorating choices. Don’t be afraid to turn back the clock with some antique and retro pieces. You can use antique or refurbished furniture as statement pieces from your local antique dealer or the consignment shop down the road.

4. Reclaim the Wood Look

Did you know that even shipping containers are being turned into gorgeous industrial homes? To avoid letting your space look too cold or impassive, your best bet is wood – specifically unfinished or reclaimed wood. The added layers of richness help to balance the raw and bare materials offering up organic warmth in cabinets, kitchen islands, and coffee tables.

5. Bring in the Light

Most industrial spaces are built or reconstructed with large windows to bring in the natural light. You can capitalize on this pure resource with reflective materials. Of course, mirrors will help to make spaces feel larger and brighter. You can also incorporate reflective tiles, countertops, and other surfaces to get a dazzling amount of sunlight dancing across your industrial space.

6. Use Soft Textures

If you’re looking for a soft look and cozy feel, you can’t go wrong with bringing in materials that are literally soft and cozy! Pick up some plush throw pillows, fluffy rugs, and soft blankets to add some immediate comfort. You can easily combine this idea with a palette change to pull in those bold colours and rich textures and patterns for a double whammy.

7. Avoid Clutter

Don’t try to add every item on this list, as you’ll simply end up cramping your industrial style. I recommend choosing just a few options to warm up your space, so you can maintain a balance between styles without adding clutter to your minimal space. With a few key decorating choices, you can create an industrial space that is both inviting and elegant.

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