Popular Chair Styles in 2019


Chairs have always served as both a functional and symbolic piece of furniture. The term “chair” itself has come to represent authority in a variety of situations from the chairman of the board to the Speaker’s chair in Parliament. Chairs are everywhere, and a big part of our daily lives.

Did you know that most of us spend almost 30% of our lives sitting down?

We sit at work, at the dinner table, in the car, in waiting rooms, on the sofa, while we watch TV, at coffee shops, and so on. That’s a lot of sitting! It’s why I’ve started to take breaks every 30 minutes when I’m at my desk, so that I’m not sitting for such a long period of time. In any case, we sit as much as we sleep – if not more.

It’s no wonder, then, we have such a plethora of chair styles, designs, and options to choose from considering a third of our life is spent in this position. When I attended the showrooms at High Point Market last fall, I discovered there are two styles of chairs that are getting a lot of attention: swivel chairs and motion seating. This may be where you want to be sitting this year! Let’s take a closer look.

Custom swivel-rocker

    Notice pattern-matching on custom upholstered swivel-rocker

Custom upholstered swivel chair

Wood-framed arms make a statement in this loose-back swivel chair.

Choose from manufacturers fabrics or go COM.

Perfect choice of fabric to set off this plush and luxurious interior.

A Resurgence of Swivel Chairs

Aptly named, these chairs are made to spin around an axis giving you a 360° view. They are particularly well-suited for multi-purpose rooms with more than one activity, such as home offices and open concept floorplans. Swivel chairs make it easy to pivot between multiple areas when you want to combine activities.

With this resurgence also comes several design changes. Not only are the designs more appealing, the size of these chairs is being scaled-down which makes them a better fit for small spaces – and great for condos!

Contemporary styles have taken advantage of new technology completely obscuring the swivel mechanism, without the need for an old-fashioned skirt. While bigger sizes and traditional styles still exist, the move towards small, sleeker designs has picked up popularity.

Motion Seating Swoops Into Style

Sofa recliner, High Point Fall Market 2018

The other style taking a hug leap into popularity is motion seating. These are not your grandparent’s recliner chairs. They’re not even your parent’s recliner chairs!

When I incorporate recliners and sofas into a design for my clients, I typically like to place them in family rooms or media rooms as they’re ideal for watching TV and movies or reading. While the original recliners need space to push back and recline, the new models slide forward while the back adjusts to achieve the same effect – all in smaller spaces. This is a major development and incredibly exciting for the design world; in just a few years, this should be standard for all manufacturers. One thing that is standard with these new models now is the power recline – no more lever-pulling required!

Motion seating now comes in sleek contemporary styles including mid-century modern. I told you the days of your parent’s recliners were over! You’re also no longer limited to leather, with most manufacturers providing an expansive selection of upholstery including spill and stain-resistant fabrics.

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