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Get swept away in Hellenistic’s fantastical design

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Would you like to create a room that provides an escape into a world of fantasy?

Give Hellenistic Design a try. The Paris Design Agenda recently reported that Hellenistic Design is one of the top trend predictions for 2024 based on Pinterest searches.

Hellenistic is derived from Hellas, the ancient Greek word for Greece. As part of its colonization program, Greece colonized towns and kingdoms across Africa and Asia during the Hellenistic era. As a result, Greek culture and language were introduced to these new areas, as far away as modern-day India. Ancient Greek elements such as Corinthian columns, neoclassical wallpaper, and Greek statue art are the inspiration for Hellenistic Revival.


The resurgence of Hellenistic style should come as no surprise, in light of the return of Dark Academia style trend which occurred during the pandemic (above). Increasing time spent in front of computers fostered a romanticization of academics. But Hellenistic Revival goes far beyond the pandemic.

Hellenistic Revival style incorporates ancient Greek aesthetics into current décor, paying homage to this era in history.

An aesthetic that blends classic elements with a timeless appeal

This interior design trend, incorporates classic elements into a contemporary aesthetic in a way that won’t age your home (see below). By combining modern components with traditional elements, homeowners are encouraged to create an unusual yet warm look. In an imaginative space that feels relaxing, statues and patterns create a bridge to the past. This trend combines nostalgic design with Greek opulence.

Among the characteristics of this style is a rich colour palette. In the right combination of colours, a sunny Mediterranean day can be brought to life. Black, white, and rich blues are interwoven with gold details. You can also incorporate rich olive and terracotta hues as well.

We immediately think of blue and white when it comes to this design style, but gold and white palettes illustrate how luscious this era actually was. In royal ceremonies, such as weddings, gold and white are often paired together.

A royal, enchanting, luxurious, and mysterious experience

Hellenistic design was popular in the 1980s. Beautiful columns and whimsical busts gave interiors an air of luxury and regality. There has been a resurgence of interest in this style as homeowners seek to incorporate fantasy and lore-inspired features into their homes.

Greek-inspired elements that invite enchantment into interior design are a hallmark of trends like Hellenistic Revival. Creating an atmosphere of myth and tradition with gods and goddesses allows homeowners to immerse themselves in the world of ancient storytelling.

It can be luxurious and attention-grabbing to have a whole ancient Greek statue in your living room. Grecian busts are a great way to add a sense of grandeur to a room. Don’t limit yourself to traditional stone or marble statues; these trendy busts and sculptures can be as bold and creative as your imagination.

Add the finishing touches to the project

The fifth wall of a house has been the subject of much discussion: remember to take advantage of your ceiling. Stamp your room with a unique identity by adding details its ceiling. Almost any room can benefit from this decadent style. Incorporate lavish finishes and ornate moldings into your design.


The power of interior décor and design lies deeper than its appearance; it has the ability to communicate and create feelings. In addition to demonstrating your appreciation of art, culture, and luxury, you are also communicating to the world that you are current and connected.

The Greek Key pattern, also known as the “meander,” is a geometric motif most associated with ancient Greek decor. In Ancient Greece, the meander represented eternity and the undulating flow of human life.

The Aphrodite aesthetic takes its name from the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. Featuring soft colours and soft touches, this aesthetic is feminine and floral. The symbols of Aphrodite include roses, doves, and sparrows. Its colour palette includes emerald, aqua, pale green, pink, violet, and shades of blue reminiscent of a Grecian sunset.

Greek potters constantly altered their famous vases and pots to ensure that they were comfortable to hold and easy to carry. The ancient Greeks believed that it was not enough to create something that was beautiful, it must also be practical. This aesthetic, beauty, and comfort are all characterized by the same attention to detail.

This home decor style represents a desire to escape from the world beyond our doorsteps, as our world continues to face unprecedented challenges. A Hellenistic Revival home fulfills the desire for exciting, comfortable, luxurious details that transform our homes into a much-needed retreat.

Get in touch with Saree Parry Design to schedule a discovery call if you are interested in incorporating Hellenistic design into your home.

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