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Inspiration for your home office

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“Remote work isn’t going away – and executives know it.” According to the Harvard Business Review (August 2023), demand for home offices will remain strong. Consider this Fortune.com headline: “Smucker’s return-to-office plan is a full embrace of remote worker.”
No matter if you are transforming a small niche, making over a no-longer-needed bedroom, making an office space as part of a larger multi-purpose room, or making a statement, we are here to help.

First, let’s take a look at the top three home offices in this year’s International Dream Room Competition for the Home Office Category judged by more than 30 interior design journalists from across North America.

First place went to Barbara Elliott and Jennifer Ward Woods of Atlanta, who transformed a guest bedroom into a masculine home office.

In this room, ivory hues contrast softly with bold black walls and well-lit functional bookshelves. A collection of handcrafted accessories fills each shelf from European artisans made from organic stones. It’s the perfect layering accent that blends in seamlessly with a variety of interior styles. There is a casual elegance to this space, making it a true curb appeal.

First-time Dream Room participant Kam Popovecz of Rochester Hills, Mich., designed the second-place home office. The colors are a dramatic change from the brown of the previous owners.

The Garden Party mural was “love at first sight” for the client. A pair of sophisticated green velvet chairs with gold legs adds a touch of glam. In order to enhance the room and provide storage, Kam opted for two credenzas in dreamy white with soft golden champagne geometric overlays. Yes, you can have a vibrant, playful, and feminine home office!

This year’s third-place winner is part of a basement transformation into a multipurpose room designed by Kiran Arif of Cincinnati.

A Sputnik light fixture compensates for the absence of windows and adds a sophisticated aesthetic to the room. The modern metal and glass barn doors create a distinction between the office and the rest of the room while at the same time allowing maximum light to enter the room.

The example shown below  is an example of what you can do if you have only a small niche to work with. The chair shown below  would be a good option if you need to provide some place to sleep.

In cases where your office is also located right as you enter your home, consider making it part of a fabulous décor statement.

If books and music are your thing, by all means include in your design. Make it your own. It’s your space, so let it reflect who you are.

If you need help or don’t know where to begin, Saree Parry and her team would love to help you find inspiration for your new home office. Contact us to get started!

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