4 Design Tips for the Perfect Home Office


Creating the perfect home office space starts with understanding your needs for both style and function. The questions below offer a starting point for managing the process and making sure your office is not only a space for productivity, but also increases creativity and gives you the energetic boost you need to keep pressing forward in your work.

1. How will you manage distractions?

If distractions are a common challenge for you, the most important first step is considering strategies for reducing distractions throughout the day. Seeing family members passing by, hearing noisy neighbors, or even the way light shines into the room can all create challenges for productivity. Consider tools such as white noise machines, black out curtains, and even the positioning of your desk and other furniture.

2. How do you like to work?

Think about how you work best. Whether you like to stand, enjoy listening to music, or need a way to move your body throughout the day it’s important to incorporate those needs into your space design. Standing desks, hidden treadmills, Bluetooth musical devices, smart devices and even a sofa can help you create the energy you need in the place you work.

3. How do you organize?

Think about the equipment you use and the type of storage that will make it easiest to stay organized while keeping those tools at easy reach. There’s great decorative storage items that can help you keep your printer, shredder, copier and filing system at arms reach without looking bulky and unattractive.

4. What gives you energy?

Productivity is related to more than just office tools and seating. The way we feel throughout the day can impact our ability to work effectively and tap into our creativity. Think about the colors, textures, and accessories that give you an energy boost and incorporate them into your office decor.

Working with an expert can help make your home office transition as smooth as possible. An interior decorator will ask you these questions and more to ensure that your office space is the perfect fit for your physical and creative needs.

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