Architectural Features to Spruce Up a Boring Space

Minimalist construction and contemporary architecture are all about clean lines. If minimalism isn’t your thing however, that blank canvas can feel just a little too plain leaving you in want of more character.

The good news is that you can renovate in small ways from a single room to a single feature to add architectural features without ripping out walls or rebuilding your entire home.


For those in the business, ‘millwork’ is just about anything that is made in a woodmill, but as a homeowner, millwork is what adds a finished feeling to a space. Even if you’ve decorated with furniture, wallpaper, paint, and more – if your space feels lacking, millwork will likely do the trick.

Some common millwork treatments include crown molding on ceilings and baseboards along the floor, both of which come in a variety of styles. It doesn’t end there. You can add millwork as beams, door casings, chair railings, and more. Custom and detailed millwork is used frequently in traditional settings, but is being mixed into more contemporary spaces as well.

Embellished Ceilings

Walls aren’t the only place where you can draw attention. Look up! You can create a focal point using a ceiling medallion around your light fixture. This is a very classic look that pairs well with the traditional, crystal chandelier as well as modern, more geometric and experimental hanging lights.

Coffered ceilings also add dimension and character to a room by using flat panels, boxes, beams, or frames to create depth. This change in suspension acts as a sort of sunken ceiling, which gives your room a renewed impression. You can get quite creative using different colours, materials, and shapes. When paired with a ceiling medallion and chandelier, you’ll add quite a bit of drama to an otherwise plain space.

Decorative Panels

If you’re in a position to make some larger changes to your space, renovating with decorative panels can help you show off a distinctive look. It is the imperfections in nature that add so much unique beauty to an interior space.

Decorative panels come in a variety of natural materials like moulded wood, patterned ceramic, and porcelain tiles; they can be used to add depth and texture to everything from interior walls to exterior spaces.

Stone, porcelain, and ceramic tiles are popular in bathroom remodels, but these materials can extend to your living space as well. Their neutral colours and hard textures can be balanced with soft features and smooth curves.

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