Back to School Routines That Work


The back to school season is officially in session! Summer vacations are over and children are heading back to classes. It’s a tremendous change from lackadaisical summer days, but getting back into the swing of things shouldn’t be a stressful mess.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by a new routine or defeated by a messy house, let your home work for you! Let’s talk about how you can use your existing spaces to create a seamless morning and afternoon routine that works for your whole family.

Back to School Morning Routine

In the words of Garfield, we’d all like mornings a little more if they started later. While you may not be able to change when you need to start the day, you can change how you do it. Start by creating stations in your home and walking through each one with your family.

Create a designated space for each of your children to put their shoes in the closet and a special hanger for their coats. Create another station for lunch boxes and backpacks with name tags or special symbols. This could even be a craft project you do together.

By building your morning routine around stations, you and your family will be far less likely to forget anything and far more likely to get out the door on time.

Back to School Afternoon/Evening Routine

Whether you’re home from work in time to meet your children after school or joining them a bit later in the day, it’s important to create an afternoon routine that matches your morning routine.

Use your kitchen island, breakfast nook, or dining room table to create a multifunctional space. The kids can sit and do their homework, while you start on dinner or catch up on bills. You’ll be able to help them with questions, ask about their day, and still follow through on your own responsibilities.

Once homework is done, you can use the same space for family activities like playing board games or making crafts. At the end of the night, walk through the different stations together to ensure everything is ready to go for the next morning.

Be selective about the spaces you choose for stations vs multifunctional spaces. Large and open areas are great for the family to do a variety of activities in close proximity, but small or cluttered spaces would be better suited for stations. By allowing your home to work for you in creating your back to school routine, you’ll avoid your home feeling like a super-cluttered, overwhelming, or stressful environment.

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