How to Prepare Your Porch for Spring

Your front porch is a haven for personalization. As the first thing seen by visitors to your home it is your first opportunity to showcase your style, creativity and your green thumb –whether you truly have one or not! After a pandemic year and changing restrictions, our porches, balconies, terraces and verandas can be the perfect tranquil spots for us to get our fresh air fix while following the latest public health orders. With the last of the Ottawa winter finally behind us, now is a perfect time to step outside and give your outdoor space some TLC.

So how do you personalize your porch into your own patch of paradise? Eliminating winter debris (looking at you, de-icing salt!) creates an ideal canvas on which to begin. Then ask yourself for what you would like to use the space. If relaxation is your vision, you’ll want to focus on seating options in outdoor-friendly materials like specially-treated wood or metal, wicker, and indoor-outdoor upholstery fabric to allow for both comfort and weather durability. You can even have custom patio furnishings made in your choice of colours, materials and cushions for the ultimate luxury look.

Consider also when you would be using the space – Do you see yourself sipping your morning coffee and watching the world go by, enjoying a glass of wine with a book in the evening, or perhaps both? This is an important consideration when choosing lighting for the space, as with outdoor table lamps, wall sconces, floor lamps, and light fixture options available you will want to choose the lighting options that best suit your needs.

Adding greenery with potted plants is another way to bring tranquility to your terrace. Whether flowers in your chosen colour scheme, your favourite herbs or even artificial greenery (a must-have for the “brown-thumbed”!) bringing plants to your porch brings nature’s rejuvenating quality to your home. Pots, urns and planters are available in every size, shape, texture and colour imaginable, so updating them with the seasons is also one of the most uncomplicated porch customizations you can do.

Whether it’s a whole new custom patio set with a patterned outdoor rug and wireless speakers for your tunes, or simply a beautiful new wreath on the front door, your veranda revamp can be as big or as small as you like to make it uniquely you. A professional consultation is the best place to start, so book a complimentary appointment with Saree Parry Design today to get your patio ready for spring.

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