Making Room for Your Home Office

Working from home is the new reality for many Canadians. While many of us grew up doing homework around the kitchen table, in today’s world of video meetings and online classes, that scenario is no longer very practical.  Creating a space at home where you can limit distractions and work in comfort and style is the goal.

The Right Space 
A workstation in a sunny room with a door you can shut is ideal if you need quiet for video meetings, phone calls or just to focus on the task at hand.

If you can position your desk in front of a window, it will not only give you ample light for working during the day but will also illuminate you for those video calls.

If a separate workspace isn’t possible, dividing a larger room into two working stations is an option. Using a screen as a room divider can help. One made of cork, fabric, or leather will also help to absorb some noise.

Desks that work… for you
While choices in furnishings at the company office are limited, not so at home. There are so many options for office desks that, with some help from a professional, you can find one that will satisfy your work needs and fit your design preference.

Whether you like to stand, sit, or need a way to move your body throughout the day, there are many options that can be incorporated into your space.

 Sitting in the seat of comfort
Similarly, chair options are plentiful. An ergonomic chair with a backrest that can be raised and lowered can be tailor set to your specific needs.  Firm lumbar support may be necessary if you are sitting for long stretches at a time.  It’s worth it to make an investment in quality seating.

Get Organized
Think about the equipment you use and the type of storage that will make it easiest to stay organized while keeping those tools within easy reach.  If extra storage is needed there are plenty of furnishings that will do the job.

Decorative storage items can help you keep your printer, shredder, copier and filing system at arm’s reach without looking bulky and unattractive.

There is no “typical” home-office style. It’s all your choice.  Working with an expert can help make your home office transition as smooth as possible.  Saree Parry Design will help you create a work from home space that is the perfect fit for your needs and lifestyle. Contact us to book a complimentary design consultation.



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